I am a Canadian-based Entrepreneur & Network Marketer in the Health and Wellness sector,
seeking Partners in Canada, US, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Phillipinnes.
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Projects I am currently involved with. I would love to add yours too or have you join one of mine…..

This is where my exciting iGalen Journey began. iGalenVictoria.com is the site my wife and I use for our personal promotions of Emulin+ and the iGalen Business opportunity. This is promarily focused on the Victoria area customers and potential distributors.

As iGalen expands it’s business into more countries, so do Jane and I. We have partners across Canada, in the US, Australia, the UK and India.  Please let us know if you would like to join our global team.

Imagine waking up in the morning, drinking your coffee and logging onto your affiliate accounts to check your earnings from the comfort of your home. That is what this custom travel website offers you.

Victoria Data Recovery is a pet project of mine. It allows me to offer reasonably priced data recovery services for recovery types that don’t require a clean room. Clean rooms are major overhead for the big guys, not everybody should pay for it.

Jane and I are an amazing team when it comes to Website Design and Development.  It is something we really enjoy doing and do well together.  It also gives us a hosting service to put up our own projects  🙂

I am currently a Leader/Distributor of several health and wellness products and work with my wife Jane to drive sales of products such as Prevail Emulin, Prevail 24/7 Carb Burner, B-Epic Elev8, B-Epic Acceler8 and Üforia’s Ütrition .

In parallel, we also own and operate CircleVision Networks and Victoria Data Recovery. CircleVision offers a range of computer support service, website design as well as website hosting. Victoria Data Recovery offers a low-cost option for data recovery that does not require a clean room.

My recent achievements include:

  • Launched a number of successful businesses primarily in the IT sector
  • Developed comprehensive knowledge of the benefits of iGalen products and the dangers of inflammation
  • Established business systems and structures and created marketing materials
  • Collaborated effectively with my business partner to ensure smooth and efficient   operations
  • Cultivated trusted relationships with distributors as well as with existing and prospective clients at various global
  • Received countless testimonials and exceptional recommendations from a broad clientele.

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What my clients say about me and my work

Brent is knowledgeable, and eager learner and has a high standard of excellence. He works hard to meet his own high standards. His DR planning and preparation as well as his skills in Data recovery make him an invaluable member of any team.
Brent is also not satisfied with the current status but is always looking at emergent technologies and opportunities to improve systems as well as disseminating his discoveries to improve the capabilities of coworkers once new better methodologies are found.

Andrew BaileyFriend and often co-conspirator

Brent & I met and work together on a very special NA Launch project (Jan 2017) with a fabulous Company out of Malaysia. Brent is a talented IT guy and has brought many rewards in this area to our TEAM. He has huge integrity and impressive work ethic. If you wish to partner with a person of Influence, Brent is your guy! Thank you so much Brent for the opportunity & pleasure of collaborating on this global project of immense magnitude! We’ve just begun! ~ jana

Jana JorgensenFriend and Mentor

I took my defective hard drive to Brent and low an behold, a few days later he phoned to say that much of my data was retrieved. I was most worried about my pictures and there they where on the flash drive.

To say that I am satisfied by the $220 cost is an understatement. I would visit Brent in a heart beat if I suffered a similar hard drive crash.

Thank you, Brent

Fr. DonData Recovery Client

When my iMac computer “crashed and burned” I thought I’d lost a lot of valuable data, including some manuscripts in preparation. Fortunately Brent was able to recover everything from my hard drive, and for a very reasonable price. I will now be backing up more often! Thanks so much Brent.

Larry C.Data Recovery Client

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Team Building

Looking for real business opportunity?  Join Jane and I on our journey with iGalen.  A brand new network marketing company taking North America by storm and expanding into Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia by the end of the year.

Web Design

My wife make a great team when it comes to web design.  Tell us your vision and we will bring it to reality.

Web Hosting

We had so many websites and projects of our own we it just made sense to setup a hosting service to house them all.  We’d be happy to host your site as well with much more personal and friendly support than you will find elsewhere.

SEO Consulting

Having trouble navigating the world of Search Engine Optimization and Website Promotion.  Let’s talk…….

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